Hollister Ranch Art

Many renown painters have captured the beauty of the Hollister Ranch and many continue to capture the panoramas and distinctive terrain and biomes. For details and purchasing, please visit the artists' websites provided in many of these gallery links.

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"Wild and windswept, the Ranch is a place out of time, a place where nature's forces still prevail. The sky is real here, the earth hums with life, and one cannot pass through without being aware of the astounding beauty that surrounds us. Jane Hollister Wheelwright referred to this as the land that raised her, and it does have a way of shaping the soul and adjusting priorities. That's the spirit of the Ranch, and it makes us a community. We are grateful to be here; we recognize our responsibility as stewards." - HROA Design Committee Brochure

The HR Artist Community: Hollister Ranch Hoedown Art Exhibition and Silent Auction. Wade Koniakowsky (L) and Will Bateman (R).

Artist Caroline Zimmermann at Hollister Ranch Hoedown Art Exhibition and Silent Auction.

Long-Time Major Hollister Ranch Artists

Other artists producing Hollister Ranch artwork & photographs

Chris Potter

"Hollister Ranch Rights" (link)

Tommy Alexander

"Balito" (link)
"Hollister Ranch" (link)