Hollister Ranch Ownership Interests

HR 1/12th Interests

Enjoy the benefits of full HR ownership in an undivided interest in 100+ acres.

Some interests include building rights, completed homes, or a shared home.

One designated individual with gate access (1/6ths allow 2).

Grandfathered in since the 1980's.

✅ Governed by the parcel's partnership agreement.

✅ We facilitate trades/swaps of interests; many owners who sell their homes end up seeking a 1/12th to maintain access and ties to the community.

Read more about these interests on our info section. Contact us to discuss becoming an owner at the Hollister Ranch.

Questions about One-Twelfths? Call us at (805) 680-7425 or Chat Live. Follow us on

1/12th Current Inventory

Please call to learn of 1/12ths that may become available. Prices may be starting at $550,000.

Contact us about Hollister Ranch rental properties that are or may become available. Due to gate access, rentals are available to Hollister Ranch Owners only.