Our Team

Enjoying since the '60s. Selling since the '80s. Carrying on the legacy forever.

Rick Sawyer - Hollister Ranch Broker

Rick is a seasoned real estate professional with a long history in the Hollister Ranch community. As a teenager in the 1960s, he had access to the HR before it became a subdivision. In the 1970s, he lived in the HR bunkhouse and worked as a cowboy on the first cattle operations, helping the original HR broker show properties to buyers on horseback.

Rick and his wife Kathy eventually purchased their own HR parcel, where they raised their family and have been actively involved in the HR Owners Association. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Rick has helped numerous clients buy and sell properties in the HR and surrounding areas. He has personally owned six different HR parcels.

Prior to his real estate career, Rick attended Midland School in Santa Barbara County and later went on to study at UC Santa Barbara and Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Bear Sawyer

Bear is the "Creator of Opportunities". Growing up on the neighboring Rancho San Julian, he has been an owner at Hollister Ranch since childhood. He and his wife Kerry lived on Parcel 32, near Augustine Beach and the corrals, before moving to Hawaii, Oregon, and Texas.

In addition to real estate, Bear helps estate owners with off-grid infrastructure and advanced security systems and training.

He holds a J.D. in Environmental Law from the University of Oregon School of Law and a B.A. from UCLA. He attended Vista de las Cruces K-8 school, located just a few minutes from the HR gatehouse, and later Midland School in Los Olivos, CA.