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Welcome to the community of Hollister Ranch, a 50-year-old haven nestled in the idyllic Gaviota Hill Country. Our guiding principle is the preservation of the land and coastline, and for generations, we have been dedicated to safeguarding the natural beauty of our 14,400 acres of coastal land, located a mere 25 miles west of Santa Barbara.

We extend an invitation to you to indulge in the pleasure of spending sun-kissed days and star-studded nights amidst the pelicans and quarterhorses in our invigorating landscape. The Hollister Ranch Homeowners Association and Hollister Ranch Conservancy strive to preserve the traditional California ranching culture, while promoting low-impact building and rustic amenities. We also collaborate with neighboring ranches, farms, artists, historians, naturalists, and other creative partners to foster a sense of community!

Discover the secluded coves, canyons, rolling hillsides, beach bluffs, and surf that continue to inspire us all. Join us in celebrating the beauty and heritage of the Hollister Ranch, a place where the preservation of the land and culture is at the forefront of our existence.

A look behind the Hollister Ranch gatehouse...

Hollister Ranch offers a rare opportunity for privacy and seclusion on the California coast. As the coast becomes increasingly crowded, the natural beauty and unspoiled beaches of The Ranch stand out. The Ranch's owners value and preserve the classic California beach lifestyle, with the ability to enjoy the beach with only family and friends, perfect waves for surfing, reefs for fishing or diving, and private sandy coves and points to escape the crowds. The Ranch beaches are unique, un-crowded, and truly special. It's a place where you can connect with nature and enjoy the coastal life to the fullest!

"Where California still is as it once was."—Rick. This is the California that so many people have heard of but few have had the privilege of experiencing. But at Hollister Ranch, you can be one of those few to bask in the glory of this natural wonder. The time is now to see for yourself the last vestiges of the California ideal and create memories that will last a lifetime.

As you stand before the splendor of Hollister Ranch, you cannot help but be transported to a bygone era. A time when California was a place of unspoiled beauty, where the hills were covered in sagebrush, the roads were dirt, and the groves were filled with eucalyptus. The small, cold kelpy waves crashing upon the points and shore, the crisp offshore winds, and the fiery red sunsets setting in a Western sea all combine to create a truly special place in California.