Premier Hollister Ranch Lifestyle Brokerage
West of Santa Barbara, California

Welcome to Hollister Ranch, a 50-year-old haven nestled in the idyllic Santa Barbara Hill Country.  Our guiding principle is the preservation of the land and for generations, we have been dedicated to safeguarding the natural beauty of our 14,400 acres of coastal land, located a mere 25 miles west of Santa Barbara.  Each of the 133 parcels of land is approximately 100 acres.

Discover the secluded coves, canyons, rolling hillsides, beach bluffs, and excellent surf breaks that continue to inspire us all.  Celebrate the beauty and heritage of "The Ranch", a place where the preservation of the land and culture is at the forefront of our existence.  Our team at Sawyer Real Estate can't wait to help you find your place and welcome you to the beautiful days ahead with life lived along the water.  Contact us today.

Indulge in the pleasure of spending sun-kissed days and star-studded nights amidst the pelicans and quarterhorses in our invigorating landscape. The HR Homeowners Association and HR Conservancy strive to preserve the traditional California ranching culture, while promoting low-impact building and minimal rustic amenities. We also collaborate with neighboring ranches, farms, artists, historians, naturalists, and other creative partners to foster a sense of community!